MIRAK, a new training ship for diving

Paris, 4th March 2016 – Mirak, a training ship built by Littoral shipyard in Marseillan, has just been delivered to DCI during a ceremonial launch held in Saint Mandrier. This ship, with a 10 meter length, will be used by DCI International Military Diving Training Centre (CIF-PM) in charge of transferring French Navy know-how in the field of military diving.

Mirak can accommodate 21 divers and is powered by two 225 hp engines. She is fitted with gallows enabling submarine works with divers or use of submarine robots such as ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) or AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle). Mirak is a new training mean for foreign military trainees.

Since 2003, CIF-PM has trained more than 370 divers from different countries (Kuwait, Libya, Qatar, Malaysia and Slovenia) with efficient and innovative diving apparatuses used in the French Navy. It has trained mainly clearance divers whose missions are to search, identify, then neutralize or countermine conventional or improvised ammunition.

Activities associated with submarine works form an integral part of CIF-PM offer. CIF-PM will soon train 2A class professional divers with an agreement from the ministry of Labour and a convention with the Institute for the Promotion of Maritime Professions (IPFM) located in La Seyne sur mer.

As for Almak, name of DCI maritime training ship based in Concarneau, Mirak is one of the stars in the Andromeda cloud.

« Mirak building is an ambitious project which will enable DCI CIF-PM to strengthen its training offers aimed at friendly countries. Our development shows particular promise in the field of mine warfare and in the coast guard function. Today MIRAK is a key asset and the first trainees will use her as early as this spring. Long life to Mirak! Declares Jean-Michel Palagos, DCI CEO and chairman.

About DCI

Reference operator of the French Ministry of Defence for the international transfer of the French military know-how to France friendly countries armed forces, DCI Group has been operating across all the defence and security spectrum for more than 40 years. Holding the "French Armed Forces Training" label, DCI is offering tailor-made services in the fields of consulting, training and technical assistance.

DCI Group has its headquarters in Paris with several sites all over the national territory. It also has permanent offices abroad, in particular in the Middle East with Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia and in South East Asia with Malaysia and Singapore and more recently in India. DCI is pursuing its international development with high added value innovative services while developing new partnerships particularly in Asia and Latin America. With a workforce of nearly 900 employees, DCI Group achieved a turnover of 240 million euro in 2014.

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