Farlington School’s Prep 4 were excited to visit Tate Modern in order to find out more about modern art. They were surprised to find such a huge variety of paintings and sculptures on display. There were some weird and wonderful exhibits to study; the sculpture ‘Behold’ by Sheela Gowda was quite unexpected. The girls couldn’t believe that she created art from car bumpers and wool!

The girls discussed the artists’ use of colour, line and shape, and compared the work of different artists such as Richter, Rothko and Metzger. They also made insightful comments about how colours can create different moods. It was fascinating to look at the work of famous artists such as Picasso and Mondrian, and to think about how the girls could create artwork in a similar style. It was a really enjoyable trip and the girls came away feeling more confident about their own artwork.

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