Until Dawn - Playstation 4

PlayStation 4’s exclusive title Until Dawn, is a game suitable for players who are searching for an intense survival horror experience. Until Dawn is the perfect addition to any horror fanatics game collection. This 3rd Person horror is packed with jump scares, perfect for an experienced player or a novice. Published by Sony Computer Entertainment, developed by Supermassive games, this surprise hit of 2015 is one that you don’t want to miss.

The game begins in 2014, when 10 friends take a trip to Blackwood Pines lodge. After an eventful night, the group splits up and the game resumes one year later when the characters are invited to an annual get-together at the lodge. This is where the game really begins; you are now tasked with controlling each character’s story including how they move, what they find and moral dilemmas. Early on, you will be taught about the importance of your actions and how these can change the story dramatically. The game quickly tasks you with making decisions for the characters and teaches you about the butterfly effect. This principle can alter the gameplay depending on what you choose, the smallest decision at the beginning of the game can seriously change a large event later on.

Until Dawn features graphics appropriate for the game’s genre, dark, detailed and realistic. The characters were created using motion capture technology allowing the developers to mould the actor’s facial expressions and movement, resulting in unique yet relatable characters. The characters look and feel like the actors who play them also, for instance you may recognise famous faces such as Hayden Panettierre (Heroes) and Remi Malek (Night at the museum trilogy). While the graphics are detailed, the sound of the game is very minimalistic and comes from natural sources, with crows screeching, the cold wind howling or your feet crunching into the snow. Atmospheric music is used effectively to heighten your senses before a jump, scare, or an important cut scene. Don’t always trust the music, like a true horror game sometimes the sound is used as a trick, once the music has faded out and you relax your guard the dramatic event will occur.

Overall this game offers many alternative scenes and character storylines based on what you decide giving the game great replay potential, although you will need to completely restart the story if you happen to kill off your favourite character by mistake. Until Dawn offers some of the most gripping story lines seen in a horror based game, and so this game is highly recommended by the Fight Through Team.
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